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01/22/2007 Entry: "Life's Finer Things"

On Saturday, I found the watch I had lost. Where was it? In the freezer, of course! Apparently, when I was fishing some frozen veggies out of our chest freezer, I must've bonked the band against the wire basket at the top. The pin from band must've popped out, I didn't notice, and BLOOP! It fell in. So on Saturday, while rummaging through the freezer, I found it. Of course, it wasn't running. I left it on the heater for a while to warm up. After a while, I tried turning the stem to see if the hands moved. They did. So I figured the insides were ok. I took it to a jewelry shop today, and they put a new battery in. TA-DA! It worked. What a good watch!


Back in college, I used to use a fountain pen. (See the whole story here.) I thought I'd celebrate my "new" position at work, spend some of the Christmas bonus money, and buy a nice fountain pen. The problem is, no one in Rockland sells fountain pens anymore. I eventually did find one; Staples had two. I bought one of them. I really splurged! :-) Actually, I spent less than $40 on a Waterman Phileus. I like the way it writes, but I'm not huge on how it feels. It's plastic. I would've preferred metal. Or, like Susan's, marble. I like a heavy, thick pen, especially one that feels weighted towards the "butt end" (the cap end) when writing. This plastic job is pretty light. I figure, though, for $38, I can use this one for a while, and if I still really like it, maybe I'll move on to a Harmonie or maybe a black Charleston.

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Yey on finding the missing watch!!!

I have a pen fetish I LOVE WRITING IMPLEMENTS....but I have never written with a fountain pen...what is it like?

Posted by Amy @ 01/22/2007 08:32 PM EST

It's soooo awesome! You don't have to push. The ink flows out of the pen onto the paper. And, I find it makes me concentrate a little more on my writing. My penmanship is pretty bad, so a little thought translates into better writing, which leads to better understanding for the reader. Having now used it for like, um, 12 hours, I can tell you I really like the feel of this sub $40 pen, and it's gotten good reviews from pen collecting newsgroups. I think you should spring for one, and try it. Get a color other than black, and if you don't like it, I'll buy it back from you.

Posted by BR @ 01/23/2007 09:07 AM EST

This brings back memories! When I was in 4th grade in a parochail school in the Bronx, I had a teacher that made us write with fountain pens! Can you believe it? It was hard enough trying to get the whole penmanship down for the nuns who taught us and this one, makes us use fountain pens? I didn't appreciate it at the time, but you do get a whole different experience writing with a fountain pen. I have a Pilot Vball extra fine that is very inexpensive and not truely a founatin pen but you get a simialr feel. I use it when I sign my name to important bank documents!

Posted by Jane @ 01/24/2007 11:06 AM EST

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