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01/23/2007 Entry: "Antiques Roadshow"

"Sir, the painting you've been storing in the basement, the one your wife thinks is ugly, is worth $150,000."

Man, looking stunned: "You're not kidding?"

Appraiser: "No, I'm not."

Attention all Roadshow go-ers: If they ask you to be on the air, and tell you your thingy is worth big bucks, beleive you me, they're not kidding. They don't kid. People, I realize you're excited, but you need to think of something more original. Maybe "Oh my goodness, I'm gonna sell this sucka!"

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Hee I like antiques roadshow!!!

I just wish I had something to go on with!

Posted by Amy @ 01/24/2007 12:40 PM EST

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