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02/02/2007 Entry: "Susan's First MI-5"

1. What two stores do you frequent most often?
I guess Wal-Mart and Shop N Save. (Yes, I know they call it Hannaford's now, but it will always be Shop N Save to me.) Honorable mention to Northern Kingdom Music, the store I wish I frequented the most.

2. What are two things you want to do before you die?
I've always wanted to try skydiving. I'm not actively pursuing it, but I'd give it a go. Number two I guess would be own a fire engine.

3. What are two foods you could eat everyday?
Pasta and chocolate. Not together.

4. What are two everyday things you cannot live without?
Pasta and chocolate! No, really, it says everyday things, so I'd say chocolate and coffee. A little more philosophical would be the love of God and the love of my wife. Of course, I could also say air and water.

5. What are two things that scare you?
Seeing eyeballs in any form or place that God didn't intend them to be, and losing a child.

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