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02/04/2007 Entry: "Week-End Wrap Up, and It's Not Even Over!"

4:55pm Sunday, and I'm calling it a wrap. This weekend is in the can!

Friday night, I played over at Bullwinkle's Steakhouse in Waldoboro. It was nice to play locally. And, it was nice they threw a meal our way. It's surprising how few places we play offer us a meal anymore. I had a burger so big I couldn't get my mouth around it! I ended up eating it with a knife and fork. It started snowing about when we arrived. By the time our second break arrived, about 11:30, it was getting really slick out. The owner, Todd, told us to cut out early and head for home. Driving was getting bad, the parking lot was getting greasy, and people weren't really coming out. So home I went.

My planned trip to visit a potential new pastor for the church was postponed, so Saturday I had a day off with nothing really planned. As is my custom, I made a huge breakfast for everyone. I also went to the dump, both for home and for the office. I made a trip to my favorite music store, and then hit the local Wal-Mart. Next on the shopping trip was Shaws to pick up some ingredients for supper. First, we fed the boys some bagel pizzas, and then hustled them off to bed. Then, for my special ladies (Julia and Susan) I whipped up a bacon/Parmesan risotto, some t-bone steaks, and a sautée of fresh veggies. The risotto package had a recipe on the side, which I didn't really follow--I kinda did my own thing. It didn't list how long it took to make. I know that it's supposed to take a long time, and that's why you don't see risotto on a lot of restaurant menus--it takes to long. One other recipe book I looked at said 15 minutes. "That doesn't sound too long," I thought. Both the book and the jar listed the same ratio of liquid to rice: three cups stock to one cup rice. Well, 45 minutes and 4 1/2 cups of stock later, we had dinner. And, if I must say, it was good.

This morning was big breakfast #2: french toast, maple flavored sausage, maple flavored bacon, and pumpkin flavored coffee. (This pumpkin coffee is the only flavored coffee I can say I actually like. A few flavored coffees I can tolerate, but most I dislike terribly. This one, though, Susan and I can agree on!) We had our regular church services, and then lunch at Mom's. Lisa made lunch, but she didn't feel well, so she wasn't there to eat with us. After that, I went to Unk ans Susie's to offer them some computer first-aid. While I was there, the boys got their hair cut. Man, do they look different now! After we came home, I took a little nap. When I got up, Susan reported the computer was acting strange. So I jumped on here to see if I could track it down. No luck, but you got this post out of it!

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