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02/05/2007 Entry: "Superbowl Commercials"

I'm not really a football fan. I was rooting for the Colts, mostly because they're from the AFC. Other than that, no loyalty to either team. But I wanted to say how let down I felt by the commercials. None really stuck out. I did notice that during halftime, almost all the commercials were for CBS. I guess they saved those spots for themselves. (Or, maybe they couldn't sell them.) The bud light crab commercial I remembered, only because I commented to Susan how subtle it was, and how I bet many people wouldn't catch the shadow part. Susan said "What shadow," which I felt really proved my point. Other than that one, though, I thought the rest were pretty ho-hum.

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I am glad that I am not the only one who felt so let down by the commercials. I watch the superbowl for the commercials. I was glad the colts won over the bears...but I am a steelers girl at heart. LOL

Posted by Amy @ 02/06/2007 02:01 PM EST

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