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02/08/2007 Entry: "Sick"

Yup, I took some sick time today. It started yesterday with a drippy nose. By the time last night rolled around, I was feeling quite yucky. I canceled my drum lesson, and went to bed by 7:30. This morning when I woke up, it had settled in my chest, and I was coughing. I decided I head into work, do what needed to be done, then come home. So I did. I left the office around 10:30, and came home. I will admit, that before I went to bed I washed the dishes, but then it was up to bed for a two hour nap. I had to pick Julia up at school, as Susan was watching baby "Mad Dog" Maddox James. Susan was going to make a pork stew for supper, but neither of us felt like eating much, so I made scrambled eggs and toast instead.

Now, it's 7:21pm, and I'm just about to turn in. Good night, all.

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