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02/09/2007 Entry: "My Dream MI-5"

I actually had this idea last week. Since then, though, Aunt Ginny and Ma have both reported strange dreams. Maybe a sign?

1) You've been offered your dream job. What is it?

Well, many who play along with the MI-5 are coming up with their "dream" job. I was after dream job in the more realistic sense, as opposed to "what cool job can I dream up." But hey, whatever your interpretation was is fine. For me, I think my dream job would be artist relations for a major drum manufacturer. Like if Ringo needed a new drum set, he'd call me, tell me what he's after, and I'd make sure he got it. I think I'd really be good at that.

2) You've been given $1000 to spend on a "dream gift" for your significant other. Who do you spend it on, and what do you buy them? Why?

I certainly spend it on Susan. The question is: what? Susan's hobbies aren't really expensive. She's a scrapbooker. Paper and scissors are only so expensive. Maybe a really nice, but really easy to use camera. Of course, usually the more expensive the camera, the harder they are to use. She's not into jewelry that much. I guess I would just have to wisk her away for a weekend somewhere romantic. NYC, maybe? Maybe a show and a really great dinner and two nights at the Ritz with no kids.

3) What was the last dream you had while sleeping?

The last one I remember was me on some kind of crazy motorcycle. You sat upright in a sort of egg shaped cockpit. The throttle was a little stalk as found on some cars used to move remote mirrors. You twisted it clockwise to go faster, counterclockwise to go slower. You steered with to vertical handles, similar to plane joysticks, I guess. The brakes where on the same handles.

4) Dream vacation time! Where do you go?
Susan and I would be off to either Italy or Ireland. I think I rather lean towards Italy.

5) Tell us some things about your nighttime dreams. Are they in color? Ever dream the textbook dream, e.g. public speaking naked, falling, etc.? Are they somewhat normal, or do you have crazy dreams (like being chased by a moose)?

I'm somewhat well known for crazy dreams. Rarely do I have a "normal" dream. I don't think I've ever dreamed about being in a crowd naked, or getting married. Almost always my dreams are in color. I have smelled scents in my dreams before. I've had memories within my dreams before. Like, I can remember something in my dream that never actually happened, yet in my dream I will be like "Yeah, I remember that!" Rarely will I have a lucid dream--a dream where you know you are dreaming, and can control the events. Also rarely I can wake up from a dream, then go back to sleep and pick up where I left off. And, when I was a kid, I'd have recurring dreams: different dreams on different nights, yet with the same basic themes and characters. I used to have nightmares about two guys that showed up in my dreams somewhat often: Gunga Din and Zim Bo Bim. One was a kind of slow dinosaur looking beast, and the other looked a lot like a joker, but he was 1/2 red and 1/2 green.

Is it strange to have recurring dream characters with names? I also find it a little odd that I can still remember their names. Like I said, they were nightmares, so they did make quite an impression.

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