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02/16/2007 Entry: "MI-5"

1. Excluding your current employment and boss who is the best boss you ever worked for and why?

I, like my sister, haven't really had too many jobs. Once I get one, I tend to hang on to it. My current position is only really my third "real" job. Before this current gig, I was the P/R man for the Rockland Wal-Mart. I reported directly to the store manager. Wal-Mart like to change their managers around frequently. I was there five years, and worked under four store managers. One of them was a guy named Nick Ballsmith. Nick was super great with people, and he was a good leader. He worked with, and didn't lord over you. He operated with mutual respect, and not intimidation. I worked under one manager who told me once "If you're not running a cash register or stocking a shelf, you're useless to me." Nick would've never said that.

2. Have you ever discovered something that is great but you can't convince anyone else to try it?

For a long time I sung the praises of G. E. Patterson. No one that I know has ever said "Hey, I watched G.E., and you were right!" In fact, no one I know ever watched him.

Also, escargots.

3. It is time for a winter getaway. Where do you want to go?

Puerto Rico, Barbados, and Disney World.

4. When do you think you will buy your next vehicle and what would you like?

I think it will be several years before I buy another vehicle. I would like a Volvo station wagon. One of the older, more boxy kind. The real new models are a little too rounded for me. Or maybe a fire truck. Or, I might convert that fire truck money into a Saab convertible. Again, an older model.

5. Is there an active hobby or sport you want to get into this year?

None that I can think of. Although, I would like to get to the range and touch of a few rounds in the old M-1.

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