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02/17/2007 Entry: "Billing Day Breakdown"

It's the 17th, so you know what that means! Billing day! It's the day I prepare all month for. My duties at work center around this day. Everything I do all month long culminates on one day each month. And how is it going? Well, it could be better. I had a little problem with the printer. It then became a big problem. The big, giant, super-fast laser printer I normally use for billing is broken. Yup! Busted. So, I'm printing about 4000 invoices on a little HP 2300. The problem is, this little printer only holds maybe 200 sheets of paper, if that. And, unlike my printer upstairs, this printer is shared by the whole office. Usually, if billing day falls on a weekend, I just fill the big printer with paper, and let it run. When I come in Monday, I fill it with more paper, and it picks up where it left off. Now, if I did that with this little printer, then when Monday morning rolls around, no one gets to print until my job is out of the queue. And that wouldn't be good. So I'm here, going on hour seven of what's normally a three hour job. Man, Gina wished me a smooth billing day too. Maybe that's what jinxed it!

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sad It you send me your file to my work address, could I print some of those invoices on my laser printer. It's a lot faster than the one you're using.

Posted by Aunt Ginny @ 02/17/2007 04:38 PM EST

Ok, next month I wish you the billing day from hell...

Think that'll help? satisfied

Posted by Gina @ 02/19/2007 02:56 PM EST

There is a fire truck in Bar Harbor for a modest sum...just thought of you and your quest to own one...

Posted by A faithful reader @ 02/21/2007 06:44 PM EST

Who are you? And more importantly, where's the truck! How much? What kind? Got photos? satisfied

Posted by BR @ 02/21/2007 09:03 PM EST

My name is Allison married to a Gerry who is friends with a Peter. Anyway...I saw it on the Mainecoast website and thought of you and your quest. "American LaFrance pumper truck new in 1963 for $20,900." Check out the article www.mainecoastnow.com/articles/2007/02/21/bar_harbor_times/local_news/doc45d9f5891d62b912754863.txt

Posted by A faithful reader @ 02/21/2007 10:04 PM EST

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