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02/21/2007 Entry: "Sick Boys"

Well, for some of you in the Maine area, you know my twin boys (Matthew and Nathaniel) have been kinda sick the last few days. Susan kept them home from church on Sunday. Yesterday, I thought they were doing a little better. Last night, Nat really sounded awful, with a nasty cough. Susan made an appointment with a doctor for them today. (Their regular pediatrician is on vacation.) Matthew has an ear infection. Nathaniel has RSV. So the doctor put them both on antibiotic. They were supposed to go to Susan's parent's this weekend, but Nat can't go. My father-in-law has had some health problems of late, and the doc knows all about them. (My mother-in-law is a maternity nurse, so the doctor knows her, and knows Dad too.) So she said Nat probably shouldn't be around him. The plans are still for Matt and Julia to go, but Nat will stay home with us.

So we got home from the doctor, and we picked them up some chicken nuggets for supper. Nat didn't touch his; the poor kid was miserable. Matthew ate like a champ. Things went badly, though, when he went to take his medicine. He really didn't want to take it. He finally got it down though. About two minutes later, he said "I don't like that medicine," and hocked it up all over himself. And of course, that's when my drum student arrived! Good times!

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