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02/23/2007 Entry: "Amy's Ill MI-5"

1. When was the last time you were sick? What was wrong?
Seems like I was "sick" just a few weeks ago. I'm not one to get sick, really. But is seems I wasn't really feeling well. I canceled my drum lesson, and didn't go to work the next day. I think I stayed home and just slept. Since I'm not usually sick, I can afford to take a sick day for a minor illness. In reality, I probably could've gone to work and functioned just fine.

2. Have you ever been in the hospital? Why?
Oh sure, lots! When I was younger, I got a little banged up. I had three concussions, one pretty serious. (I actually have amnesia from that one. There are about 12 hours that I remember nothing, even though I was conscious.) I also had my appendix out, as well as my tonsils. I also had arthroscopic surgery to remove a bone fragment from behind my kneecap.

3. What is the one food that almost always makes you feel better when you are feeling ill?
Toast. And tea.

4. When was the last time you had a headache?
Yesterday. I've had a little headache for three days. Nothing serious. I do get migraines occasionally. When I feel one coming on, I can usually head it off at the pass with three or four ibuprofen. If that doesn't work, then I have some Fiorinal that works with a little sleep in a dark room. If that doesn't work, I'm near vomiting, and reaching for the Imitrex. At about $10/pop though, I use those only rarely. Usually, the ibuprofen will get it.

5. Do you have any alternative remedies you try when you are feeling under the weather?
No, not really. Again, I don't get sick much, so I don't really have to do much. Just sleep.

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Glancing through those medicine names, I thought I read Bourbon, but I was mistaken. I drink lots of water, along with take medicine or sleep, for headaches, as sometimes headaches due partly to dehydration.

Posted by jp @ 02/23/2007 05:58 PM EST

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