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03/01/2007 Entry: "The humble Farmer Can Actually Stop Talking?!"

It appears the humble (sic) Farmer has gotten himself into yet another flap. Apparently, after being warned a third time that his "Jazz" radio show was basically just a platform for his left leaning ways, he's decided he'll continue to produce the show, but he just won't talk.

Good move, Robert. And I'm not being sarcastic.

I know Robert. In fact, Susan used to work for him. I used to listen to his show. Then, on the way to a gig in Bangor, I heard him compare George Bush to Hitler. I stopped listening at that point. Then, several months later, I was on the way to a gig in Waterville. As I was scanning through the stations, I hit on humble's show. This time he was raging on against nuclear power, and, again, George Bush. I haven't listened at all since that time.

Public Radio, I applaud you. It's fairly obvious you have a left-leaning bent. And really, I'm ok with that. But when I want a "Jazz" radio show, I don't want to hear humble going to bat for Al Gore. So you've done the right thing. Let humble have his Jazz show, or his political show. We don't need them together. Or, perhaps, MPR, you should consider the right-leaning Jazz Workshop. :-)

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Wow. You know you've gone off the hook when public radio tells you to tone it down.

Interesting to see someone make good on the "Howard Stern's threat" to do nothing but spin records if management meddles too much. ( Sort of the radio personality's version of "Work to Rule" actions )

Posted by Shawn Levasseur @ 03/07/2007 04:26 PM EST

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