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03/05/2007 Entry: "Weekend Wrap-Up"

Friday night, I was supposed to play at Bloomfields in Skowhegan. Of course, with the snow storm, the gig canceled. Actually, it canceled on Thursday. And in reality, I didn't mind. Two of the worst "coming home" trips have been after Bloomfields gigs. The weekend of the Ice Storm of '98? Yup, we played Bloomfields. And one other time I drove three hours in a storm home from Bloomfields, only to end up in a snow bank a mere five miles from home. So missing that gig? Actually, I was happy.

I got up on Saturday with the boys. I spent the morning putting together a new CD storage tower that Susan ordered for us. It had so many pieces, I thought it would be a nightmare. But actually, it wasn't. It went together easily, works well, and holds the entire collection. At 1pm, I headed to a rehearsal for The Pajama Game. I, of course, am playing drums for the production. The songs are quite simple--nothing really hard. The book (what we call the music), though, is awful. Songs have different titles depending whose book you're looking at. The font is hard to read. But, it'll go well enough, I'm sure. On Saturday evening, Susan and I watched Big Fish. I was a little concerned about watching a movie about a man dying of cancer, and his son talking about all the wild stories his father used to tell. I got through it ok, and it was better than I thought it would be. I don't need to see it again, though. It wasn't that good.

Sunday morning, and again the boys woke me. In the morning, Nat, Julia and I went to Sunday School. Matt wasn't feeling well, so Susan stayed home with him. This makes three weeks of sickness in our house. I skipped out of church, as I had a gig that I needed to be at at noon. The Camden Snow Bowl had a fundraiser called Burgers and Band. Steelin' Thunder, the steel drum band I play in, was supposed to play under a heated "tent." Actually, we played under a canopy: no walls. There was heat, but without anything to hold the heat in, it didn't make much difference. About three hours later, I had to pick up some stuff at Wal-Mart for Susan. Then, it was off to evening church for our North American Missions supper. Lisa always does a GREAT job with these. The food, and the study, was very good. I came home and went to bed.

Now, I'm at home, and I'm sick. I've got sore throat, mild fever (a little less than 100), and general tiredness. Probably playing drums in the cold didn't help! So I came today at about 11am, and have been sleeping and taking it easy. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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