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03/09/2007 Entry: "Aunt Ginny's Memory MI-5"

1. What is the earliest thing/event/person that you remember. Why does that stick with you?
My earliest memory (I think) is of a circus. I seem to remember Aunt Ginny and my sister there, and a red and yellow tent. That's about it. I remember little bits about kindergarten, so that would make me five, I guess. I suppose I don't remember much before that.

2. If you could change just one thing, big or little, serious or silly, in past, what would it be? Why?
I would've like to have served my country in the Coast Guard. I sometimes wonder if there's any way I still could. Four generations of my family served in the Coast Guard/Lighthouse Service/Life Saving Service; it ended with me.

3. If you could relive one moment just as it happened, what would you like to do, be, see, etc.?
This is a hard one. Nothing really jumps out at me. Christ's Sermon on the Mount comes to mind. I would like to more fully understand what one goes through in combat, but would I really want to be there? I suppose if I could live through combat, and yet no one gets killed, that would give me a pretty good understanding.

4. Do you remember your first friend? Do you still see them? Do you have a relationship with them?
I seem to recall many first friends: Richard Lowell, Eric Godin, Jason Butman, and Denny Davis. I haven't seen Richard in a very long time. I ran into Denny at a club in Southwest Harbor I was playing in years ago. I understand he lives in Spruce Head now (my old home town, for those from away), but I haven't seen him around town. Jason and Eric I occasionally see around. I DJ'd Eric's wedding a few years ago.

5. What did your parents tell you always to remember, for your own good or the good of others?
"Be good, drive safe, I love you." They would say that everytime I left the house. Mom still does. Sometimes, before she even says it, I'll just holler out "I will! I love you too."

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