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03/16/2007 Entry: "I'm So Excited for Burgers"

Our local McDonalds has brought back the Cheddar Melt. This is probably my all time favorite fast food burger from any fast food restaurant. Fair warning: I will be eating a Cheddar Melt at every possible opportunity. They're only here for a limited time, and in that time I want to make sure I get my fair share!

Is it too early in the morning to think about a hamburger on a rye bun with cheddar cheese sauce and onions sauteed in a teriyaki glaze? Maybe. But when I saw the banner outside McDs this morning, I cheered.

I'm lame.

Replies: 3 people have rocked the mic!

Do you think I could order this on a regular bun?

Posted by Lisa @ 03/16/2007 08:27 AM EST

Yeah, I'm not crazy about rye myself!

Posted by aza @ 03/16/2007 09:25 AM EST

Would they do it? I'm not sure. The Cheddar Melt is the McD's answer to the Patty Melt, thus the rye. I love rye, and I think that's part of what makes the burger so special.

Posted by BR @ 03/16/2007 10:34 AM EST

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