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03/16/2007 Entry: "Lisa's Talent MI-5"

1. What do you feel is your greatest talent? Tell us about it. (Yes—I want you to brag a little bit.)

I guess playing the drums, though in reality, I'm really not that great--despite my sister saying I'm the best drummer in the world. Heck, I'm not even the best drummer in my town! I also think I'm a pretty good cook.

2. What one talent do you not have, but really wish you possessed? Why?

I wish I really were a great drummer, I guess. I wish I could do the one handed drum roll like Joe Morello can, or do the cool stick trick that Buddy Rich did.

3. Of all the celebrities out there, living or dead, who do you consider to be the most talented? Why?

I'd call it a coin flip between Mozart and DaVinci. I think, though, I'd give the nod to DaVinci, as he seemed to be great at everything.

4. Tell us about the most talented individual that you know personally. They don’t necessarily have to be talented in the creative talents. Intellectual talent will work too.

Oh, man, I know so many talented people, I couldn't even begin. I have a bunch of family members that I think are quite talented, and the ones that pop to mind first (Susan, Lisa, Mom, and Aunt Ginny) are all female. Hmm. Paddy is also very talented, and when he sets out to do/learn something, he does it to his very best. My boss has a technical mind so freaky, sometimes he'll tell me something, and I'll have to back him up and break down what he said phrase by phrase, just to see if I heard him right, let alone then trying to being figuring out what he said. I know Ned Steinberger, inventor of the Steinberger guitar. (And his Dad won a Nobel Prize. Smart family, that one.) I know pilots. I know people who write their own music. I know painters. They're all so different, and they're all so talented, I couldn't pick just one.

5. If you watch American Idol, which of those talented kids do you think will win? Why? If you don’t watch that show, tell us anything else about talent that comes to your mind.

Susan watched Idol, but I don't really. So I guess I can't comment on that. (Then I was going to type something else here, but I've decided not to.)

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