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03/27/2007 Entry: "Weekend Wrap Up"

Friday night found me behind the drum kit. Yup. Who'da thunk. I played a show over at George's Valley High School: The Pajama Game. Actually, I played it the previous weekend to. Oh, and Thursday night as well. Anyway, the show got over around 10pm, and I headed home.

Saturday morning, and I was up with the boys at around 6:30. Susan wasn't feeling well, so she got up for a bit, but then went right back to bed. I started work on a website that I've been working on since December. The client likes to make changes! I put in about three hours on that, maybe a little more. In the afternoon, I was at the Pajama Game again for the 2pm matinee. By the time it was over, I had about an hour and a half at home before it was time to head back for the 7pm show. So basically, after 1pm on Saturday, my life consisted of the Pajama Game. I was home about 10:30, and after consuming a Cheddar Melt, I was in bed.

Sunday morning, and I was up again early. This was a rare Sunday that I didn't make breakfast for everyone. The speaker for our church service called and said he wouldn't be able to make Sunday School. I told him not to worry, I had a lesson on Malachi that I hadn't finished. When the time came Sunday morning, I reached into my bag to pull out the old lesson. Too bad it wasn't in there! Yikes! I did have an old lesson from Labor Day that I hadn't finished, so I figured I'd just have to run with that--even though I didn't really want to. I asked if anyone had anything they'd like to talk about, and Mom mentioned something she'd read in The Daily Bread. I hadn't read it, but we spring-boarded off that, and, in my opinion, had one of the best classed ever. Well, at least that I've taught.

We had lunch at Mom's, as is our tradition. Raspberry whip for dessert. Yum! Once home (around 2pm) I took a little nap. I got up around 4:30, and took the boys out to clean the garage a little (Julia stayed at Grammy-Nan's to practice her piano), and then we went downstairs to play drums. Evening church, and then to Amatos for a real Italian sandwich. Then, bed.

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