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03/23/2007 Entry: "Jim's Super Long Questions MI-5"

I decided to do a situational questions style 5 this week. Do your best
and I hope you enjoy!

1. You are at a busy clothing store and you take something into the changing room. You notice far under the seat in there a 5 dollar bill. Someone was just in the room before you and they are just outside. What are your thoughts of this situation and what do you do?

Are they close by? If so, I'd ask them if they'd lost anything. If they say "I lost $5," I'd give it back to them. If I get some other answer, I guess I'd keep it.

2. You and a close friend try this new restaurant. It is very popular and filled with people. The service ends up being slow, the order is wrong and the food is not cooked right and has to be sent back. Even when they bring it back it is not really right. There is no apology or effort made to adjust the bill. When they bring it (the check) you notice they have made a huge error in your favor. How do you handle this?

I think I wouldn't say anything. It's obvious they're not taking care of things, and this is the result. If everything went fine, I'd say something. But at this point, I'd probably be so frustrated I'd say "Forget it, they can't get anything right."

3. You are somewhere in public when you see a lady you used to work with a year ago. You recall that this lady was having children when you worked with her and it appears as though she is pregnant again. You say hi and then say "oh I didn't know you were pregnant again..." and her response is "I am not". What do you say now?

I wouldn't get into this predicament. I've learned, first hand, how saying something can get you into deep trouble. I was really so embarrassed by what I said to someone one time, I try very hard now to watch what I say, and try and keep my foot out of my mouth. It still doesn't always work, as I tend to be gregarious and a kidder, and so sometimes that's my downfall. I once kidded a friend about "wearing the pants in his family," only to find out he'd been divorced over a year! Whoops! And that was after the really awful event. See: lesson learned, but not always heeded.

4. You are parking in a tight spot and accidentally tunk someones car. You can't see any damage. Do you leave a note or anything?

Not if I don't see damage. Cars have bumpers and body moldings for just such things. If nothing's wrong, I see no need to open yourself up to a possible frivolous lawsuit.

5. A person you used to be good friends with shows up in your life again after having gone through a huge personal crisis over the past few years. They invite you and your friends to come hear their new band. You recall this person always played in great bands and you agree to this and talk up this person to all your friends. The night of the show the new band is
terrible and your friend seems to have lost their ability to play. You are embarrassed and your friends are all having a horrible time and want to leave early. The band is just terrible and they play music you all hate. The band takes a break and your friend comes down to see you obviously looking for some support and your thoughts on the band and music. You can see your friends are going to leave. What do you do now?

I think I hop over and explain that my friends need to leave, and perhaps say the music really isn't my cup of tea. Perhaps I could get my former friends phone number, and we could talk about it later.

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