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03/30/2007 Entry: "My MI-5"

Instead of a normal MI-5, I figured we try the MI-5 Treasure Hunt!

1) Go to ebay.com. Type your first name in the search box. What's the first thing that comes up?

*50 FOOTBALL CARDS: Buffalo Bills LOT*

2) Go to flowers.com. What's the second image that catches your eye? Why?

Like my sister, the roses were the second thing to catch my eye. By 12, get 6 free!

3) Go to amazon.com. Type in the name of that special pet you had as a kid. What was the third item that showed up in the search?

It's a book called "Spike vs. Dracula." My cat when I was a youngster was Spike Virgil Marmalade.

4) Go to google.com. Type in your name. What's the fourth result say? And, if you care to share, what was the name you typed in?

"Ancestors of LCDR Thomas William Saltmarsh Jr. USN (Ret)." I used Bill Batty Jr. Lt. Commander Saltmarsh had a relative named William N. Batty, Jr. Good thing his middle name is different than mine!

5) Go to your favorite news site, local or national. What's the 5th headline in? Comment on the story.

I went to Yahoo. "Brush fire erupts in Hollywood Hills." It seems there's a fire near Warner Bros. studios. I guess I really have no comment, other than "Don't go back for anything."

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I loved this one! Great Idea!!!

Posted by Amy @ 04/03/2007 11:56 PM EST

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