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04/23/2007 Entry: "A really late MI-5"

1. Name a movie you would like to see soon.
I don't have one, really. Gwenyth Paltrow played Sylvia Plath in a movie. I've been wanting to see it for some time. I have yet to see it. I have yet to look for it in a movie store. My movie watching has gone way down hill. I guess I don't really have the time to devote to it. If I had 2-3 free hours, there are other things I'd rather do.

2. If money were a bit tight where is an area you would cut back?
I'd cancel the DirecTV. Susan and I have done it in the past, and I find I actually rather like it. It allows me time to read, watch movies I already own, and listen to music.

3. What is something that you used to dislike but now like?
Nothing comes to mind that went from one extreme camp to the other. I was never big on mayonnaise on sandwiches, but I could eat one now with mayo on it. Coleslaw. It's not a favorite, but if served, I eat a little. I was never big on that before.

4. Tell us something that people often notice about you right away?
I look like my dad.

5. When you have had a long day and you go home what is your way to unwind?
Music and a little taste of bourbon. Just a little.

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smile Hey, If you are the researcher on ghost pedals I have one which seems totaly ludwig but with out their name, pat #3439574, it has the lil chrome (p) stickers but one thing it has is the two holes to clip the stiffner bar in. Also a question, I have oil leakage on one side and it looks like a missing wrist pin or bearing or seal on that sid allowing the leakage. The other side is intact. the pedal seems to work fine and is better in my thot than most pedals out even the dws. Who can I go to? Or better how do you open the round case to get inside and do repairs. I have been in possesion of the pedal since about 79 and it didnt look new then it came with a used sling. set a jazz drummer played. I have that set also(which is another story) thanks..philc

Posted by Phil @ 04/24/2007 07:51 PM EST

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