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04/22/2007 Entry: "The WEEK Wrap-Up"

I'm gonna give you the Week Wrap Up, not just the weekend, ok? There was a lot going on, and I didn't have much time to blog, so I'll make up for it with a super gigantic post.

Monday. Monday was the day before billing. And of course, it was the hight of the storm. (For those of you in Cali, we had four or so days of really bad weather. I spent most of the day in the office, preparing for billing day. In the evening, I had a rehearsal with the steel drum band. This was also the day a potential new pastor arrived in town for a few days.

Tuesday. Billing day. I was in the office a little before 6am. The actual computer end of billing day was fine--probably my best one yet. No hang-ups at all. Well, Gina reported the mechanical end of things wasn't working too smoothly (the folder/inserter machine is finicky), but that happens just about every month. In the morning, around 10am, I took payroll down to the Newcastle office. In the afternoon, I got ready for the trade show. In the evening, I went to bible study with the pastor candidate, and I brought along pizza for everyone. It seemed a good time, and everyone really seemed to like him.

Wednesday. Wednesday was the Penobscot Region Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase. Every year (save one) since I've been with MIS, we've served coffee in our booth. This year, two other booths also served coffee. And, the traffic pattern was such that most people hit one of the other two booths before they hit mine. Well, you know they say about imitation.

Thursday. Thursday was about my most "regular" day. I was in the office all day (I think). In the evening, I had another band practice, this time with Blind Albert. Also, the kids went to Susan's parent's house for the weekend.

Friday. I was only in the office 1/2 the day. I put in enough extra hours on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I took some time off. Susan had asked a professional cleaning service to come in and work on our kitchen and bathroom. They did a great job. I'll be trading them some web work in exchange for their services. They finished up around 1pm, I think, and then Susan and I went to lunch at Applebees. Dessert was a raspberry chip sundae over at Dormans. I spent the afternoon taking some stuff to the dump, and doing some more general clean up. In the evening, we had supper at Sul Mare. My appetizer was wood roasted sausage with tomatoes, red pepper, and cannellini beans. It rocked! I should've asked the chef to make me a dinner size portion for supper! For an entree, I had venison ragout, and Susan had hanger steak and merlot risotto. Yum. We had enough left over for lunch on Saturday.

Saturday. I made Susan and I a romantic breakfast of waffles with a raspberry sauce and whipped cream. I made another trip to the dump, and then to the in-laws to pick up the boys. (Julia stayed later, as she was going to the circus.) What did I do in the afternoon? I can't recall. I worked on my new snare drum. In the evening, we got pizza at Amatos. I think I went to bed relatively early.

Sunday. Pancakes. Church. Susan wasn't feeling well, so she stayed home. Matthew woke up with some crust in his eye, and it was a little red, so he stayed home with Susan as a precaution. Lunch was leftover pizza from yesterday. I took a little nap, and was up around 3pm. While Susan took her nap, I cleaned the fridge. (She hasn't noticed yet!) I made supper for everyone, and now at about 8:30, I'm finishing this post.

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You're right--I didn't notice the frig was clean. Thank you! I'm sorry it took reading this post to find out.

Posted by beloved @ 04/24/2007 11:21 AM EST

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