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05/15/2007 Entry: "The Big Band"

There's a local big band that plays on Monday nights: The Monday Night Jazz Orchestra. Every now and again, their regular drummer can't make it. They've called me before, and I've never been available. They called again on Sunday. I called them back, and gave them the scoop; I have a Latin class Tuesday night, as well as Bible study, and I had planned on getting ready on Monday night. But, if I was able to fit it in, I would come over. So I did!

I've never played with a proper big band before. There were four trumpets, three or four saxes, one trombone (one was missing, and they can't find a third), bass, guitar, and me. It was fun, though I had a bit of a hard time with some of the tunes. They had charts, but if I went awry, I was gone! On one tune, I missed a coda. (A coda is where you jump from one part of a song to another part.) I just plowed right through, and kept going. The result? Everyone was at the end, and I still had a long way to go. Still, they said I did well, and they liked how I played, and they invited me back. It certainly was a lot fun playing with a band that big. Of course, I need to be in another band like I need another snare drum!

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