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05/16/2007 Entry: "Ticks"

For the last few days, I seem to be stopping on the country music stations on the old XM. There's a station called "X Country," which is alternative country that I seem to like. And, the bluegrass channel has been a favorite since I got the XM. This morning, I stopped on a song that I had heard yesterday; a female singer has a song called "Tim McGraw." Of course, since Mr. McGraw is a famous singer in his own right, when I saw a song named for him on the XM display yesterday, I stopped. Again this morning, I saw it on the display, so I stopped again. I liked it. But that's not the story...

The next song was a Brad Paisley tune called "Ticks." I thought I'd listen. There are a lot of ways that two people express love/interest in one another. However, "I'd like to check you for ticks" seems one of the most unromantic lines I've ever heard in my life! Maybe it's me, but a bad line, coupled with serious red-neck attitude says "Listen, bud, I wouldn't let you check my car for oil, let alone my body for ticks!"

Maybe I'm reading too much into this.

Good morning, all!

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Taylor Swift is the singer/songwriter for "Tim McGraw". She also sings "Teardrops on My Guitar." She's a teenager...

Posted by Lisa @ 05/16/2007 02:23 PM EST

I know that song. Hee. The thing about Brad Paisley is he does a lot of songs in jest. He has another one: I'm Gonna Miss Her about his loved one gives him an ultimatum of sorts...fishing or her...and he is gonna miss her because he loves to fish. The video is actually kind of humorous...but I initially didn't like the song because part of me didn't like the jesting...I think that is just a brad paisley sorta thing!

Posted by Amy @ 05/17/2007 11:58 AM EST

I love the "I'm Gonna Miss Her" song! I laughed out loud the first time I saw the video. I also like that his wife is in some of the videos, including that one.

Posted by beloved @ 05/19/2007 12:10 PM EST

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Posted by iwvjobk @ 05/28/2007 02:36 AM EST

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