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05/19/2007 Entry: "BILLY RHYTHM'S DRUM & FIRE ENGINE MI-5"

1) Brake DRUMS wear out on your car. How often do you take your car in for maintenance? Are you fastidious about it, or do you let stuff go?

I'm not really fastidious. When something needs to be fixed, I fix it. If it's something more annoying than anything else, well, I might put that off. My car has a warped break rotor, so it shimmies a little when breaking hard at high speed. But really, how often do I break hard from 55? So I'll just wait 'til my next break job.

2) A neighbor's house burns down in a FIRE. You have a hunch, but no proof, that the neighbor did it for the insurance. Do you alert the authorities?

Probably not "alert" them, but I might mention something if I saw a cop I knew or something. Maybe more of a "heads up" than anything.

3) Your ear DRUM is hurting like crazy. Do you bother to go to the doctors?

Probably not. I don't go to the doctors very often. I do have a problem with my ears, though, and as a musician, that concerns me. I get ear infections because I have a eustachian tube that doesn't drain properly. When I get an infection, I don't get any pain, but my ear fills up, and gets all plugged. So I can't hear. Not so good for a musician. The good part is, I get them so often, I can usually just ask my doctor to call in a prescription.

4) Think of song or movie with "FIRE" in the title. What is it? Why did it pop into your mind?

I like Jose Feliciano's version of the Doors "Light My Fire."

5) Remember Stephen King's "The Shining," and the whole reDRUM thing? Have you read much King? Seen his movies? Been by his house? Anything related to him at all?

I read a bunch of his stuff when I was in high school, but nothing newer than Pet Cemetery, I think. The Shining was my favorite. I know he lives in Bangor, and he's got bats on his iron gate, but I've not seen it. Oh, and his sister-in-law, Marcella, was my high school Latin teacher.

Bonus: What color FIRE ENGINE do you prefer: Red, White, or Yellow/Green? Why?

Red. I like the neon yellow ones too, as long as they're the right vintage. (Older trucks should be red.) I can't abide the white ones.

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