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06/03/2007 Entry: "Susan's Somewhat Late MI-5"

1.What was the last book you read & what are you reading currently?

I usually have two reads going at any given time, sometimes more. I'm always reading something in the Bible. I start at the front, read through, and when I get done, start over again! I recently finished, and decided I'd read the Apocrypha. I'm currently in Judith.

I'm also reading a book Gina lent me called 10 Lies the Church Tells Women. And, for non-spiritual reading, I'm reading a book about the Paul McCartney death rumor.

2.What are you wearing right now?

Blue plain fron chinos, a brown button down, fancy socks, and boxer briefs. Also, my watch.

3.What was the last phone call you made?

The last phone call I made was to my boss to let him know of a problem on the network.

4.To whom did you last send a letter or card (snail mail & email)?

According to my outbox, the last email I sent was to our new Pastor. The last card I sent? Well, I haven't sent a card or letter in a long time. I would guess the last thing I sent was a thank-you card to a DJ client. Most times, I give cards rather than mail them. The last card I gave was a "just because" card I gave to Susan.

5.What was the last restaurant you ate at (can be eat in or take out)?

Susan and I were able to "con" neighbor Erika to watch the kids on Friday night. We went to Applebees for supper. I had the steak and ribs combo, and Susan had a special Tyler Florence steak.

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