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06/06/2007 Entry: "Hey, My Internet's Back!"

My high speed wireless Internet has been down since Sunday night. The neighbor's tree has lots of leaves on it this year, and the water on the leaves brought my signal to nothing. Of course, I get free back-up dial-up. Too bad my modem was causing my machine to freeze, so I had taken it out. I tried a Lucent chipset modem. No good. I tried another Lucent. No work-y. So I found this old Rockwell modem at the office, and downloaded the drivers to a floppy. When I got it home, there was an error with the floppy disk! And of course, I couldn't get online to download the drivers! Finally, today I gave up. I took my machine into the office, found an old US Robotics modem, stuck it in, and BANG, no drivers or anything, it worked.

Of course, as soon as I got the modem installed, the tree dried off, and my high speed came back!

I jokingly said to Susan "My emotions are tied to my Internet connection." Monday and Tuesday were not great days for me. Today was better. And, today my Internet was back. Coincidence? Hmm...

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Hi- I found your blog by doing a search for "Maine bloggers". I'll be back!

Posted by Cindy @ 06/07/2007 07:32 PM EST

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