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06/08/2007 Entry: "Jim's MI-5"

I have been very much out of the loop on my web log lately and I am trying to fix that so when Susan asked about the MI-5 I was glad to take a turn and I appreciate the opportunity.


1. Summer is here. How does your life or routine change during the summer months?

Two big things happen. One, I start getting a lot of gigs. It makes me look forward to October. Also, we start grilling out. Odds are, if we're not eating out, we're eating something from off the grill.

2. Have you ever read a book more than once? If so tell us what it is.

I've ready many books more than once. Susan bought me some old books from my childhood for Christmas, and I've been re-reading them. Many of my Richard Brautigan books get re-read, and Revenge of the Lawn is probably my favorite. I own a book of Chinese poems written in prose that I read over and over. I should post a selection or two hear. I reference the book here from time to time, but I can never find anything on the Internet about it.

3. How do you do when it comes to being on time for things? Are you ever late? What are you feelings on that.

As my father used to say, "I'd rather not go than be late." I'm the same way. I hate being late. The only time I don't mind being late is for parties, where it's assumed you're supposed to be late. For example, some company Christmas party starts at 6:30pm. Don't show up early! Your host/hostess doesn't want you early! A few late in that scenario is ok by me. Anything else is right out!

4. What is your favorite TV show right now and why? If you aren't watching TV now how about one you had when you were younger?

Good Eats. A cooking show with off the wall food trivia bits, and a sense of humor. It's only natural I'd love it.

5. What would it take to make your weekend perfect?

At least one gig canceling, preferably the one in Skowhegan. (I'd just as soon not make that 2 hour drive each way!) Getting to sleep in tomorrow. Some kind of breakfast sausage somewheres. A nap on Sunday. Kissing Susan's neck.

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