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06/13/2007 Entry: "Weekend and Anniversary"

Well, I was going to post a weekend wrap up, but it's gotten so late, I don't know what I can remember. I know I played a gig in Waldoboro on Friday night. Saturday day, some of Susan's family from PA came to visit, and we had a little cookout. That night I played in Skowhegan to an enthusiastic crowd. (The Skowhegan crowd is usually fun. They listen, the show their appreciation, they talk to the band.) Sunday was church, then lunch at Moms. I think I mowed the lawn Sunday, and maybe some other stuff too.

And, I wanted to post about my anniversary. Susan already has, so you could check there for the details. I did want to mention, though, that when you go to Cody's Roadhouse, get the full rack of ribs. They are delish!

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