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06/15/2007 Entry: "My Classic/Cheesy MI-5"

1) What "classic" song are you SO sick of, you wish you'd never hear it again?

As a musician and former DJ, there are many for me that fall into this category. "Old Time Rock and Roll" is probably top on the list. "Mustang Sally" and "Free Bird" are high on the list too.

2) What "classic" song could you listen to over and over?

I guess I'd say "Roxanne" by the Police. I also have a soft spot for, believe it or not, "Sweet Home Alabama"!

If you're having trouble with the "classic" rock songs, VH1 has a list of the 100 greatest rock songs. YMMV.

3) What song would most consider "cheesy," but it's one you really love?

This is the question that inspired me to write this set of questions. Over the last couple of weeks, I've heard Winger's 17 a couple of times. And, I'm embarrassed to say, I like that song! It's filthy, misogynistic, and the message is not something I would subscribe to. Yet I like the song! Must be the dirty old man side of me.

4) Of the "cheesy" songs, what one do you really, really hate?

The chicken dance. Oh, how I loathe that song. Please, don't ask me to play it, just kill me dead. Dreadful.

5) What're your thoughts on cheese, the foodstuff? What's your favorite?

I like cheese. The only cheese I don't care for is the rind of Brie. The cheese itself is OK, but I can't do the rind. I like blue cheese, especially creamy Danish blues and Gorgonzola. I've never had Limburger, and I've never had that other stinky, runny cheese whose name is eluding me at the moment. My favorite is probably room temperature Cabot extra sharp Cheddar. Yum! And Cottswald.

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Ooh 17! Great Choice!

Posted by Amy @ 06/17/2007 01:16 AM EST

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