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06/22/2007 Entry: "Amy's "New" MI-5"

Amy says "I got some new themes up on my blog...so the them of this mi-5 is NEW."

1. What is the last thing you bought?
A blueberry muffin for breakfast this morning. $1.72.

2. You can add on one NEW room to your existing home. What would it be? Why?
Susan and I recently have been thinking about a new house. There were a couple of Victorians for sale in Rockland that I think we could fit into our budget. One was sold, one had old wiring, and one just didn't tickle our fancy enough. So I've been thinking "Why don't I work on the house I have, rather than find another?"

One feature Susan likes on Victorians (other than the turret) is the bay window. Our current home would look silly with a turret. I think it would look nice with a bay window, though.

3. What new book are you looking forward to?
Um, I don't really read new books. I tend to read classic stuff, religious works, and non-ficiton. So I'm not really looking forward to anything new. I am looking forward to reading some of the old books that Susan bought me for Christmas.

4. What new music are you looking forward to?
Um, I don't really listen to new music. Well, not really true, but there aren't any artists coming out with new material that I know I must have. There's a song called "Lazarus" by a group called Blue Highway that I'm really into. I haven't heard enough of the band yet though to know if I'd like the whole album. I think I probably would.

5. What new dish or restaurant would you like to try next?
I'd really like to try soft shell crabs. You know, where you eat the whole thing, shell and all? I don't know why. I don't really care for crab. Yet, it seems like something I should at least try. And squab. I want to try squab. I've never seen it on a menu here in Maine, otherwise I would've ordered it.

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