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06/22/2007 Entry: "Where Has My Week Gone?"

Yikes! Almost a week with no fresh content! What am I doing? Well, I'll tell you what I'm not doing: I'm not turning the computer on in the evening. I don't even turn it on! There was a time when just about every night, I'd log in from home for work purposes. Since the computer was on, I'd blog and do web design. I don't have to work from home in the evenings anymore. So by the time I get home, play with the kids, and help with dinner, I just don't want to do anything but relax. So that's what I've been doing.

As you can see over at Susan's blog, we've been without the kids this week. They've been at my in-laws since Sunday. Still, my week was full. Monday night, Catfish came over so we could work on some tunes for the gig this weekend. Tuesday night was Bible study, and then Susan and I went to Applebees for supper. I had worked at the office on Sunday morning (it was billing day), so I had some extra hours in for the week, so I took Wednesday afternoon off. Susan and I drove to Portland, where we had a great time, doing a little shopping, being Bohemian at Starbucks, etc. (On a side note, I was very disapointed in Starbucks. They only had two coffees on "tap:" a mild house blend, and a bold decaf. C'mon, Starbucks, give me big flavor with caffeine!) The kids came home last night, but I had band practice. I'm home tonight, though. And, vacation begins at 5pm today!

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