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07/03/2007 Entry: "Lisa's MI-5 (Way Late!)"

Lisa says...

"I know. I know. Just what you wanted. An MI-5 about scrapbooking! As you all know, I am a scrapbook consultant for Close To My Heart. Our summer catalog features five new paper collections. I will give you a brief description of each collection, and you tell us a story, a thought, a song, or whatever else you can think of that somehow ties in with the collection (title, theme or color)."

1) “Route 66”. Travel themed paper with plaids and polka dots. Colors include Clover Meadow, Cranberry, Moonstruck, and Sunflower.

Susan and I have always had the idea of driving Route 66 in a convertible. Of course, most of 66 is gone, so driving from Chicago to Los Angeles on one road is no longer an option. We still think maybe someday we'll drive all of Route 1.

2) “Majestic Blue”. Nautical themed paper with sailboats and compasses. Colors include Bamboo, Crystal Blue, Desert Sand, and Outdoor Denim.

I think of the band The Ocean Blue. I saw them in concert with Kevin Risch at Colby. I think the album they were touring for was Marigold."

3) “Expedition”. Safari themed paper with leopard print and leaves. Colors include Autumn Terracotta, Bamboo, Olive, and Sunflower.

A Ford product. That's all I can think of.

4) “Let’s Get Together”. Picnic themed paper with flowers, stripes, and dots. Colors include Breeze, Buttercup, Cranberry, and Garden Green.

I think of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together." It's my and Susan's song. (How sweet!) A couple of weeks ago, on the way to a gig, I was singing and drumming along, when I looked up just in time to see a police car pull over to the shoulder. I was busted! When the blues came on, I pulled over immediately. I was polite and honest; when he asked why he pulled me over I said "I was probably going a little too fast, but to be honest officer, I'm not sure how fast I was actually going." He gave me a warning, he said, because of my record (no speeding tickets--no moving violations, really) and my attitude. I didn't tell him I was jamming to Al Green, and thinking lovingly of Susan!

5) “Floral Tapestry”. Very feminine floral theme with flowers, stripes, and dots. Colors include Garden Green, Orchid Bouquet, Twilight, and Vanilla Cream.

Another song thing! Back in 2001, I ordered a special edition of Carol King's famous album. I've been waiting for the perfect autumn evening, when I can be alone with a little red wine and that album. It hasn't happened yet. Six years, and I haven't listened to it yet!

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