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07/16/2007 Entry: "Jim's MI-5, Very Late"

Jim says "Well I didn't realize it was my turn until Bill told me the other day. Oops. Last week I had my mind on other things. Sorry everyone! So here is a 5 that I was thinking we could use for this week."

1. Tell us a story about something that happened in your childhood. I recently remembered something from my childhood and that inspired this question.

I once opened a bag of Doritos, even though I was told not to. When the bag was found opened, no one would admit to opening them. My parents made all three of us kids stand in the hallway until someone admitted to opening the Doritos. After standing there for quite some time, I admitted it was me. My siblings bring this up every now and again, to remind me of what a jerk I am.

2. Did you have a favorite story as a child?

How young? I remember Mr. Pine's Purple House, as well as Gus Was a Friendly Ghost. I was also into the Billy and Blaze books.

3. Have you ever been sold on effective advertising only to find out the product was less than you expected?

I'm sure I have, but none spring to mind.

4. Do you have any vacation plans this summer? Weekend away plans?

I've had my vacation already. See my previous post.

5. Do you have any summertime traditions?


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