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07/18/2007 Entry: "Mario, the WWII Drum, and a Small Update"

Mornin', all. No major post here, but I wanted a quick mention of a few things. Cooking show "Molto Mario," which was dropped from FoodTV, is now on the Fine Living Channel. That makes me happy. Why does TV make me happy? Well, this show is on everyday. Susan has about 2000 shows she tapes everyday. So there are times where the Tivo will have tons of stuff for Susan on it, but nothing for me. This will allow me to have at least something!

I've also been working very hard (of late) on that WWII era Ludwig Victory snare I bought. It looks, in my opinion, really good, and I'm quite pleased with the results. I should be able to show you the before and after in the next couple of days.

The MI-5 is on me this week. I have a tentative theme: antiques! Interest piqued?

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