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07/18/2007 Entry: "The Ludwig Victory"

I've posted here before about my love for WWII era drums. (Actually, search the archive. I've posted a lot about WWII era snares. The quick plot? Metal was rationed, and normally metal parts on snares were made out of wood. Well, a few months ago, I won one on ebay for about $150. It was a Ludwig "Victory" snare that had been refinished. The normal look of these drums was a solid color lacquer. I wanted something that was period, but maybe a little dressier. A guy over at drumforum.org had a set of Leedy "Dreadnaughts" (Leedy's WWII line) that had a creme and gold lacquer duco finish. So I thought I might try that.

I think the results look pretty darned good!

(Incidentally, many drummers think duco means "dual color," since most duco drums have two colors--a base color then the stripe in the middle. It's really from "DuPont Company," and is just the company that made the solid--not see-through--lacquer. You could get duco drums that were only one color.)

OK, enough snare history!

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"Enough snare history!?!" Bah! NEVER enough snare history!

Looks delish!

Posted by Paddy @ 07/19/2007 08:01 AM EST

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