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08/03/2007 Entry: "Susan's Camping MI-5"

My beloved wife says: "I am leaving tomorrow to volunteer at a children's camp for a week, so this week's question are inspired by that."

1. Did you ever go to a "sleep away" and/or day camps when you were a kid?

Never. I did go to Vacation Bible Schools, but no camps, really. My sister went to Camp Fair Haven, once. One of my early memories is dropping her off or picking her up. (I can't remember which, really.) I wanted to attend band camp as I got older, but it just wasn't in the budget. Really, the only reason my kids are going to camp is because Susan is volunteering, thus getting them free tuition.

2. Do you enjoy camping? If so, what type: "roughin' it" in a tent or a more cushy style in a camper or trailer?

I like it ok. We used to do it when we were kids. I'm not into the tent thing. The pop-up camper is about as rough as I want to go. I really prefer the "camping" that's done in a hotel.

3. What's your favorite camping and/or outdoor activity?

I like swimming. Volleyball is fun too. And canoeing. I love to canoe. Every now and again, I think I'd like to buy one. Then, that fades.

4. Did you ever work/volunteer at a camp?


5. Any interesting/funny camping stories?

Although I didn't see the actual event, I remember my cousin Tommy talking about how he had seen various family members sneaking out to go skinny dipping. As I recall, he jumped out of a tent at them when they returned! Also, there was the time at Cathedral Pines when we thought my hermit crab had died. I think it was Mom (it may have been Dad--my memory's fuzzy) who was digging a hole with a spoon in one hand, and holding the crab in the other, when he decided to stick his head out and prove he wasn't dead. I seem to recall whomever was holding him screaming and dropping him on the ground!

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