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07/31/2007 Entry: "Gina's Harry Potter MI-5"

Gina says "Sorry it's late.....This week's Friday Five has to do with ALL THINGS HARRY POTTER"

1. Hagrid took care of some unusual creatures while at Hogwarts. What was the most unusual "creature" you've ever taken care of?

I've owned many hemit crabs in my life. I also used to keep salamanders when I was younger. And Julia had an African clawed frog for a while.

2. If you were given magical powers for 24 hours, what would you do?


3. The Hogwarts Express has a major part in the series. Have you ever been on a train? Where did you go? Share with us your experience.

I've been on small trains at fairs and amusement parks and what not. You know, small gauge stuff. I've been on a real train twice. Once, I was an actor on a haunted train ride. The train pulled into the junction, and a bunch of us in costume got on and scared some kids. Then, since I had to get home in time for church, I got off the train. The other actors stayed on the train, and rode back.

4. Why do you think the world has gone so crazy for All Things Harry Potter?

I'm really not sure. I've read none of the books, nor seen any of the movies. So I'm not really sure while all the fuss.

5. And finally, describe a "magical" moment in your life.

Probably the days my children were born. I remember when Julia was born, as soon as she came out, I burst into tears. I didn't feel it coming on or anything. It just happened. There's a photo of me holding Julia just minutes after she was born, and my eyes were still red, as were my cheeks. It's one of Susan's favorite photos. The boys? They were another story. I cried, yes, but I remember more all the bustle. Of course, Nat was born, but that wasn't the end. We still had Matt to go. I remember him coming out in the caul, and the doctor holding her hand in front of her face to sheild herself for when the balloon that was his amniotic sac blew! Instead, she had time and cut it open. As she's cleaning Matthew up, the umbilical cord and some other stuff starts coming out, and my Mom cries "There's another one!" The look of shock on every one in the room was priceless! Mom may be a little embarrased by the whole thing, but it's something I'll certainly remember!

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smile I saw your page dedicated to the incompetence of Bank of America. I had a similar bad experience with them a few months ago and was so pissed off that I put up a blog as well. Check it out (www.bankofamericablows.blogspot.com). Since that time I moved all my banking to an online bank and its working out great. I kept my Bank of America account with $100 in it and I've set up a series of automated $5 checks that I have mailed to my house every month. At the end of the month I deposit the checks back into the account. I figure with all the paper that I make them generate and process, I am getting revenge for all the fees they've been sticking me with all these years. Anyway, glad to see someone else fighting back against the man.

Posted by Chuck @ 08/13/2007 09:42 AM EST

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