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08/07/2007 Entry: "Weekend Wrap Up"

Let's start with Friday night. I did nothing special. Saturday was going to be busy, so Friday consisted of making some steak on the grill to go with the salad Susan made, and then an early bedtime.

Saturday morning I made some raspberry muffins as I waited for things to kick in. And kick they did! In the morning, Susan made the final preperations for getting herself and the kids packed for camp. And apparently, she had more to do than she figured, as she ran around stressed, trying to get the last minute things done. I had planned on leaving at 10am, and by gory she got things ready by 10! By that time, though, the Lobster Festival parade line-up was well underway. I ended up having to drive on the sidewalk to get out of our street. And then we headed to camp! We got to camp at 11:30, about 1/2 hour earlier than I thought. We were supposed to meet the camp director at noon. He was pulling out, just as we were pulling out. He apparently forgot we were coming! We found out where they were supposed to be, and I helped lug the stuff inside. I headed for home. I was able to get a little nap in before heading to my first gig at 4pm. (Yes, first gig...) That gig with the steel drum band was over at 7pm, and I headed directly for Brunswick for gig #2 at 9pm. That gig was uneventful. We did play an exceptional version of Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Crossfire" that I was sure would have the crown erupting in applause. In fact, not one person clapped hands. I wondered if they heard the same song I just heard. I was home about 2:30.

Sunday morning was church. It was easy to get ready without three kids! After church, I had lunch at Mom's. Then, I drove to Lowe's in Brunswick to get some wallpaper. (More on that later.) My buddy Jim went with me. I basically had enough time to get down there, get the wallpaper, and come straight back in time for church. Though I invited Jim and his sister Carol to come to church, they declined. And then it was home to bed.

So was the weekend.

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