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08/13/2007 Entry: "Losing my Coffee, and my Mind"

(I forgot to post this last week...)

At work, my office is upstairs. The coffee pot is downstairs. When I need coffee, therefore, I need go downstairs. Since I also have other stuff that needs to go downstairs (paperwork and stuff), I usually wait until I have a bunch of stuff that needs to go down. I take it all, along with my coffee cup, and head down. I usually will drop the other stuff off at the various desks. I'll talk with the staff, see what's up, small talk, whatever. I frequently find that I've set my coffee cup down somewhere, and then left it. So, I double back, looking for my mug. And who knows where it is. I leave it all over. I joked the other day that I should make a glove with the mug sewn into the palm.

So today, I head downstairs for coffee. I've got some stuff I need to speak with Cameron and Barry about. (I know, I dangled.) As I head upstairs, I look on the counter near the coffee pot for my mug. It's not there. I figure I've left it on Barry's desk. So I go into his room, and it's not there. It's not on Cam's desk either. I head back to the coffee pot, and there's my mug on the counter. Thinking I'd just missed it in plain site, I headed back to the stairs. And that's when Ron started laughing. See, Ron knows about me and my mug losing. And he's decided that it would be funny to start hiding my mug on me. Nice! Not only am I going to be leaving it somewhere, but now Ron's going to hide it on me too!

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