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08/15/2007 Entry: "Good bye, bloggers! We hardly knew thee."

Every morning, after I close out the MIS books from the previous day, and after answering email and procuring coffee, I open a folder in my browser called "Blogs," and have it open my regular reads in new tabs. If you're on my blog roll over on the left there, I read your site every day. Today, though, I pulled three out of the bookmarks, and they may disappear from the roll. Snake hasn't posted all year. Genova hasn't posted in several months, and neither has Clarke. And so, I bid them adieu. If you guys start posting again, please let me know.

Also, dear reader, if you know of a blog that I might be interested in, by all means leave a comment. I tend to favor blogs with original content--more journal than blog. Lists of links that point me elsewhere do nothing for me, if they don't allow me deeper insight into the posted themselves. And, I tend to favor someone who posts at least somewhat regularly.


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My newest find today...RockChick is http://lifeisrantastic.blogspot.com/ and judging by her archives she posts fairly regularly. big grin

Posted by Amy @ 08/15/2007 05:54 PM EST

I understand. I actually still post pretty frequently but I have them all set to "Friends Only" using Live Journal's filtering software. Meaning that only people who have Live Journal accounts and are specifically on my "Friends List" can view them. The reason being that the nature of my typical post usually involves some reference to work related things or some information that I do not necessarily want my employers to be seeing, were they to be snooping about. Sorry!

Posted by Genova @ 08/16/2007 11:42 AM EST

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