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08/22/2007 Entry: "The New PA Head"

This week, Three Button Deluxe has played two relatively small gigs. It was just us as a trio, and the only thing that needed amplification were three microphones. It seemed overkill to drag out my big mixing board and my incredibly heavy power amp for three mics. So I called, who else, Northern Kingdom Music. I talked a little bit with young'un Gamgee, looking to see if they had something sorta smallish and affordable. He threw some stuff at me, but it was all more than I wanted to spend. I just wanted something small and light and, most importantly, cheap! Anyway, Harvey is over-hearing our conversation, and he gets on the line. He tells me he has a Peavey 8600 that might do what I want. So I look it up, and look at the price, and say "I think that's way outta my price range."

Then he tells me the price*.

I asked him, "Are you sure? How could you sell it at that price?" He says "You made the right call on the right day. I want to get rid of it." I told him I'd be up to snag it. And I did. We've used it at both gigs, and it seems to work well. It works so well, in fact, I may get rid of my big board and amp.

* I cannot tell you the price I paid. You see, one time I mentioned a great deal they gave me, and someone from out west found my site, called the guys at NKM, and asked them to match that price. They told him to fly. Look, I've spent some coin at NKM. They're my local music store, and I support them as much as I can. Before I buy anything, I check with them first. And since I'm a good customer, they give me great deals. But you can't just call up from nowhere and expect the same deal that a 20+ year customer gets! My first drum set I ever owned was from NKM. My first pro set was from NKM. My current Starclassic kit is from NKM. Loyalty, dear readers. It goes both ways. So, for their sake, I'm not mentioning the price. But it was KILLER!

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I just wanted to drop in and say hello again. Its been a while. I peek in now and again but you know how difficult it is with the wee ones. I hope your family is doing wonderful. come check my blog out sometime. ive actually been posting so give me some feedback, let me know how you are. hope to see you soon. blush

Posted by Michelle @ 08/23/2007 12:51 AM EST

It did sound sweet ... especially when you punch the gain button with the mains cranked up a piece. Ayuh! Some wicked stavin'!


Posted by Daddy-O @ 08/23/2007 11:17 PM EST

you have great taste in drums.im a collector myself and actually own the cordia artstar (not for sale) "yet" it is my go to snare. never had a complaint from any sound tech.deep and crackly. i love the diecast hoops.
thanks for your time, rp

Posted by ROB @ 08/31/2007 09:06 PM EST

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