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08/24/2007 Entry: "Amy's "Back to School" MI-5"

1. As a kid did you dread the beginning of the school year or did it excite you? What kind of student were you? A scholar? A social butterfly? The shy girl in the corner?

I loved school. I still love school. If I could get someone to pay for it, I'd go for a Masters degree! A few months ago, I took an adult ed Latin class. Barnes and Noble used to offer free online classes. I took a bunch of them, including The Bible as Literature, History of Jazz, Business Ethics, and Grammar. I was always glad to go back to school. I did pretty well in school, too. I missed being an honor grad by two one hundredths of a point. (I was a 3.23 GPA, and needed a 3.25.) I did about as well in college.

2. What was your favorite part of elementary school? What about Jr High/Middle School? And High School?

I liked art in elementary school, and of course music. In junior high, I was still into music, but I also worked in the library. In high school, guess what? Music was still my thing. But I also like biology and writing. Math has never been a favorite. While I did OK in them, I took the minimum required math courses. No elective math courses for me!

3. Do you still have any friends from school? How long have you known them?

Several people who work in my office I've known from school. Five of the 13 midcoast.com employees I knew in high school. Since I still live in the town where I went to high school, I bump into many old friends from time to time.

4. What was your must have school supply?

I always wanted a pair of Zips sneakers, though I never got them. Trapper Keepers were cool, and when I was in grade school, I got several new lunchboxes.

5. Did you have a favorite teacher? Tell us about them.

It's tough to pick a favorite. I did have some influential teachers. Mr. Merrow and Mr. Borgeson were rare male grade school teachers. Ms. Hall was my high school band teacher, and Mr. Walton was my high school chorus and music theory teacher. Tim Dresser was a cool biology teacher, and now I teach adult ed for him in the SAD 28 school system. He's one of the few teachers I can call by first name!

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Trapper keepers rocked!! They are back in style too...Target sells them. I wanted to buy one just for oldtimes!!!

Hee and I wanted Roo sneakers...with the hidden pocket...but I never had em.

Posted by Amy @ 08/25/2007 01:08 AM EST

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