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09/04/2007 Entry: "Labor Day Weekend Wrap Up"

Let's start with Friday night, ok? Of course it's ok, 'cause it's my blog, and I start where I want! Friday night, Blind Al was playing in Skowhegan at Bloomfields. There's almost always a good crowd there, and they have good energy, so though it's a bit of a haul, it's usually fun. Second to the last song I took a solo that I actually liked! Very rarely do I play a solo I'm happy with; this one, I liked.

Saturday morning, and I slept fairly late: about 8:30, I think. I had a gig in Waldoboro at 11am, and I needed to be there by 10am. I left the house, grabbed some coffee at Second Read, and thought I'd hit the unfinished furniture store on the Warren/Waldoboro town line. (The boys pushed the back of the stereo cabinet, and it's all rickety.) They were closed. So I was at the gig plenty early, and I was still hyped up from my performance the night before. I told the leader "I'm going to play with fire today. I'm ready!" Too bad I didn't deliver! Not a bad performance, but about my average. I got home, and Susan wasn't feeling so hot, so we didn't go to pirate days as we planned. We did make a quick trip to the grocery store, but other than that, we didn't go out.

Sunday morning, and our Sunday School started at its new 9:30 time. I needed to pick up some coffee, so back to Second Read. The two people behind the counter didn't seem to be in any hurries, so it took me much longer than I anticipated. Still, I had built in enough time to make sure I wasn't late. Since Sunday School starts earlier, we now have time for a little coffee "social" between services. The new coffee pot, however, took twelve minutes to brew a pot! So, I was just as busy between services this week as when we had only 15 minutes between services. Lunch was at Ma's in honor of her birthday, and we had about as many people as we would for Chirstmas! It was packed. After that, we did make a quick trip down to Pirate Days. Then, I did some more shopping looking for a new stereo stand. Still no luck. Then evening church.

Monday morning, and I was up early with the boys. Somewhere along the line, I'd deciced to give up on finding a new stereo rack, and just see if I could fix the one we have. So I unloaded all the gear, added some bracing to the rack, dusted everything, and put it back together. I also washed the dishes, did some laundry, cut out a shelf for Susan's hoosier, and touched up the paint on said hoosier. Susan had a craving for BLTs, so that's what we had for supper. Susan was also into the whole America's Next Top Model thing, so I went to bed at about 8:30.

Now, it's Tuesday morning, and Julia is getting ready to go back to school. Summer's over. :-( I love fall, but I'm not so big on winter.

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