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09/08/2007 Entry: "Aunt Ginny's Indian Summer MI-5"

Aunt Ginny says: "Traditionally, Labor Day marks the beginning of fall for most of us, even though it isn't "official" until later this month. Thought some Indian Summer questions might be in order."

1. Do you have a favorite outside activity at this time of year? What? Tell us about it.

Get things ready for winter, maybe? Get the gas out of the lawnmower. Take all the kids toys and put them in the garage. Put the grill away. :-( Just make sure the "grounds" are in decent form. This year, I also hope to paint the garage, and pull down the bushes in the back yard.

2. What indicates to you that Indian Summer has arrived? Is it the weather? the date? something else?

I'm with my sister. In the fall, when you think summer is over, there will be one last week of heat. Who knows, for us it may even be this week. Heck, yesterday it was near 90! We had a swing dance down in Portland, and we were in full zoots! We fried. Heck, I didn't even wear my coat in set one! Usually, even when it's hot, I try to leave it on for a set or two, and as the night draws on, shed the coat, then loosen the tie. Not last night! Too hot for the coat at all!

3. Now that we are between summer tourists and leaf-peepers, do you have any special last hurrah plans for this summer? Details?

Last hurray plans are the about the same as item #1.

4. What is your favorite season/time of year? Why? What is there about it?

I like fall. I like to cool temperatures, and the leaves, the smell of wood smoke as people start lighting fires to take off the chill.

5. If you had no responsibilities like family, work, church, etc., how would you spend these last few days of summer? Why? Alone or with someone else?

I would spend them alone with Susan. Mom, Aunt Ginny, and Lisa can watch the kids! We'd probably find a B and B along the coast somewhere, and just sleep late, read books, drink tea in the afternoon, and hot tub under the stars.

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