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09/10/2007 Entry: "Weekend Wrap-Up"

Here's my weekend wrap up.

I left the office at 5pm Friday, and headed for my gig down in Portland. Three Button Deluxe was playing a swing dance at the North Star Cafe. Too bad the Portland Grange has a swing dance the first and third Friday of every month! So the gig was sparsely attended, as well as very hot (remember how hot it was Friday?), but we had a good time. It was an "early" night, and I was home before 1am.

While at the gig on Friday, Quick mentioned there was going to be a Medieval Fest at Fort Knox, complete with a pumpkin shooting trebuchet! The boys are big fans of swordplay, and I thought it sounded like fun for all of us. So Saturday morning, I told the family I had a surprise trip planned, but wouldn't tell them where. I didn't even tell Susan, though she figured out where we were going from random clues I'd throw out. We had a good time, though Julia was a little moody. Oh, and we forgot our flashlights, and so couldn't go through all the passageways. The pictures are up in the gallery. Oh, and the pumpkin trebuchet was too big to get on the grounds! At about 3pm, we hit McD's in Bucksport for some lunch, then home. I was able to mow the lawn before dark, and then I think we just watched some TV in the evening.

Sunday morning, and we had church services, as usual. One new thing was the addition of my Dad's memorial bell. Mom and the kids rang the bell for the first time, which was a nice touch. Sunday was "Grandparents Day," so we had a special lunch to celebrate--Mom's favorite: mac and cheese and meatloaf. I took a nap in the afternoon, and then back to church in the evening. Susan and the kids wanted more McNuggets, so it was back to McD's for supper. Me? No thanks. Too much fast food. Instead, I had a way better hot dog and bun. Delish! (Not really.) What I wanted was a Subway chicken/bacon/ranch, but I was trumped four votes to one. Susan watched Big Brother, so I think I hit the sack around 9pm.

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