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09/24/2007 Entry: "The Weekend Isle Au Haut Wrap Up"

My weekend started on Thursday. Three Button Deluxe started a weekend of gigs with a birthday party at the Captain AV Nickels Inn.

I took Friday off from the office so I could pack and get ready for Isle Au Haut. As you can see, it's one of those you can't get there from here gigs. Heck, it would be much quicker to take a boat out of Rockland, but the boat left from Stonington. So I left the house around noon, and got to Stonington a little after two. The boat left at 3:30, and had a good ride out to the island. The Friday night gig was right at the "boat house," which was right where the boat let us off. The bride and groom threw a party for the island, since they couldn't invite everyone to the wedding proper. They put us up in somebody's "maid's cottage." It was three bedrooms, living room, bath, and kitchen. It was really a very nice place, and the view was fantastic.

Saturday, and we had the morning to ourselves, mostly. We did have to go to the boathouse, break down our gear, and take it to the wedding venue. We went back to the cottage, changed into our zoots, and headed back to the inn. The wedding was great, the stage they gave us was great, the food was good. We ended at 7:30pm so we could catch the 8:30pm boat. And we made it. We broke down, changed clothes, and got to the dock in an hour. (Thanks to all the guests, who helped us carry gear to the dock!) The boat ride to the mainland was a little hairy--the fog was super thick! The boat was supposed to drop of us and be back to the island at 9:30. Well, the fog was so thick, the boat didn't drop us off until 9:45! The ride home was pretty foggy too. I got home a little after midnight, I think.

Sunday, and it was the usuall. Susan had picked up a danish and some donuts for us. Morning church. Lunch at Mom's. A nap in the afternoon. Church in the evening. Home. A sub from Amatos for supper. Bed.

The end.

Oh, and I'm on vacation this week! Yeah!

Replies: 3 people have rocked the mic!

So the gig at the Captain AV Nickels Inn was on Thursday night? I am confused.

Posted by Jim @ 09/25/2007 01:22 PM EST

You shouldn't be confused. You're reading me right; the AV Nickles gig was on Thursday.

Posted by BR @ 09/25/2007 09:09 PM EST

Yey vacations Rock! I have a day off on Friday...smile

Posted by Amy @ 09/26/2007 12:24 PM EST

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