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09/26/2007 Entry: "The Vacation Continues"

Yesterday, I got most of the garage painted. The yellow field was all done. I thought today I would do the accent color, and, due to rain forecast for tomorrow, do the trim on Friday or Saturday. I started painting the accent color around 8am. At about 9am, Pastor Dave called. "I've got my painting clothes on. Can I come over?" When he got here, the green accent color was all on. (Well, the first coat was on.) So I figured with Pastor Dave's help, we'd start on the trim. Between the two of us, we were able to get it all done! Well, I do have to do a little cutting in around the windows of the doors, but that's all that's left. I got all cleaned up, picked up, and showered by about 3pm. It's about 5:30pm now, and I waiting for Susan to finish the roasted potatoes, and then I can throw some steaks on the grill.

Tomorrow, I'm taking Julia to school. Then, I have a Salvation Army board meeting at 8:15. Then, I'll be heading to Spruce Head for a couple errands. Tomorrow night, I'm starting my adult ed ebay class. When I called the Adult Ed office on Monday, there were 10 students signed up for the class, so I probably will use the scheduled three hours for lecture.

I have no major plans for Friday or Saturday daytime, though I do have gigs each of those nights.

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