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10/11/2007 Entry: "The Weekend"

The Weekend

Yes, here it is Thursday, and I've yet to blog about what went down. Here's the sum-up.

  • I really don't remember what happened Friday night. I didn't gig, so I must've been at home.

  • Saturday morning was big breakfast for the fam. I think I did some housework. In the afternoon, Jimmy T and I went to Portland. Jim needed something at the Maine Mall. I picked up some parts at The Drum Shop. (Harv, if you're reading, these were parts that my favorite music store in the world doesn't carry.) Then, we went to check out Maine Roller Derby. My old friend from high school, Deserae, is Miss Creant. Also, performing live at the show, a group who appeals to me for some strange reason, Meantone.

  • Sunday, I spent the morning at the Owls Head Transportation Museum, as midcoast.com is the sponsor of the foreign auto fest. In the afternoon, we had the company picnic. Jason took photos at the museum and picnic, and Ron took photos of the picnic. I particularly like this one.

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    On Saturday, after breakfast we took the kids apple picking.

    Posted by beloved @ 10/12/2007 02:49 PM EST

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