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10/05/2007 Entry: "My Sister's Traveling MI-5"

My Sister Asks:

1. My sweetie and I are going to Bar Harbor on an overnight. If you were to plan a realistic overnight getaway for your sweetie or a best friend, what would it be? Where would you go? Where would you stay? Where would you eat? Any special activities?

For years, I have had a dream. Some Sunday morning, in Maine, in Autumn, Susan and I wake relatively early. In the cool morning air, we hop in a car, and start driving. We head to Castine, where we look at the beautiful fall foliage. We then drive back, and have brunch at the Samoset. Now, having just come from a weekend gig on Isle Au Haut, I could expand that trip to a weekend. How about we leave Rockland on Friday night, and stay not too far away at the Blackberry Inn. (We stayed in the "Hidden Garden" once.) After breakfast on Saturday morning, we'd tool on down to Deer Isle and Stonington, hitting every antique shop along the way. There must be a nice B&B in Castine we could stay at Saturday night. Then Sunday morning, we could sleep in, even, before making our way to the Samoset for brunch.

Anyone wanna watch three kids next weekend?

2. My family and I are going to Virginia for a long-weekend. If you were to plan a realistic long-weekend getaway for your immediate family, what would it be? Where would you go? Where would you stay? Where would you eat? Any special activities?

Twin three year old boys don't make good long-weekend traveling companions. Where would we stay? A Motel 6. Where would we eat? McDonalds, for sure. Where would we go? I have no idea.

3. Have you ever read a novel set in an exotic locale? If so, tell us a little about it. Would you like to visit there?

No, I've never read a novel set in an exotic land. I only read novels about New England. (end sarcasm) The Sun Also Rises is set in Spain. I'd go there. Wuthering Heights is set on the moors of England. I'd go there. I read The Cay a gazillion times when I was a kid. That's set on a tropical island. I'd go there.

4. When I go away, I really look forward to eating at restaurants that are not here where I live (Golden Corral, Sonic & Cracker Barrel). Are there similar restaurants that you like to frequent when you are away?

When I "go away," it's usually Portland. So yes, I do like to eat in those restaurants. I like the Macaroni Grill and that other Italian place. I'd love to go to a Cracker Barrel sometime. Sonic, sure I guess. I've never heard of Golden Corral.

5. I have only been to one Broadway show (“Cats”), and I would like to go to another. However, it would consist of quite a bit of travel to get there. Since I probably won’t be attending anytime soon, tell me something about a Broadway show. Have you ever been to one? Have you heard about one that peaks your interest? Is there a Broadway show that has music of which you are particularly fond? Do you hate even the thought of Broadway? Why?

I've seen Les Mis and Miss Saigon. Oh, and Nunsense. I would love to see Les Mis again. Oh, I read that novel, too. It's set in France. There's another answer to #3. Of course, it would be so much better to visit if it weren't full of French people. ;-) There are no current shows that I can think of that I'd really care anything about, I don't think. Then again, I'm not sure I even know what's running!

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