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11/14/2007 Entry: "Religious Ice Cream Cake"

Two things.

1) For some reason, I got a ton of religious email spam Monday and yesterday. I got so much, in fact, I started keeping a list of the subjects. I got: "How are we affected by sin? Was Jesus crucified on a cross or a stake? Should we baptize infants? How old was Jesus when he was crucified? What is original sin? Who or what is the anti-Christ? Why do we pray to to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost?" I must say, I found the subjects extremely intriguing. They were all selling drugs, though.

2) Ice cream cake is sold by how much ice cream is in the cake (a fluid measure), and not by how much the cake weighs (total net weight). I lost a bet on that. I figured that since ice cream weight varies (depending on how much air is mixed in), and since an ice cream cake doesn't readily fit in quart, 1/2 gallon, or other such volume related containers, I figured it would be sold by weight. Nope. I was wrong, I admit it, and JP will be getting a lunch out of me.

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